Hair and Makeup Checklist

Every bride wants to look absolutely incredible on her wedding day. It can be hard to know when to take care of certain hair and makeup rituals in the lead up to your wedding, so we composed a detailed checklist for you to follow so you’ll have every head turning as you walk down the aisle.
One Year to go: 

• Makeup is best applied to flawless skin. Visit us in salon to assist in to targeting any problem areas – like acne, pigmentation, dehydration,  – right from the very beginning. This gives you plenty of time to treat any concerns, and allow generously for recovery time, should that be the case.

9 Months:

• Start compiling or creating a inspiration board with colour palettes ,makeup design and hair styles you like. You can use magazine articles, pictures or print some photos from the internet.

• We encourage our brides to visit us in salon to flip through some magazines we have been featured in as well as pour through our portfolio of work to gain some inspiration for hairstyles and makeup looks. If you have something drastic in mind for your hair, this is the time to experiment with cuts and colours. You want to make sure that what your actually thinking it will look like on you… it actually does. Take your time choosing… this is definately not the time to rush.

6 Months

• Start booking makeup and hair trials. Take your bridal scrapbook or mood board (or whatever else you have) to your initial consultation, to offer some inspiration. The more inspiration and ideas you can bring tot he table, the more understanding we have in creating your dream style.

4 Months 
• As soon as you’ve decided on your styles, put down your deposit and pre-book some consultation dates to do at least one trial run.

3 Months

• At this stage you would have looked into specialised beauty treatments to help combat any skincare concerns you may have had before the big day. Take some time now to relax and rejuvenate the body by having a delicious Skin Specific Facial or Microdermabrasion. It is so important that you take some time out and look after your self. You want to be looking your absolute best on the day. If you don’t already, start exfoliating once a week. Its best at this stage to use a light enzyme exfoliant as they are much softer on the skin. It works by dissolving dead skin cells without rubbing, making it particularly suited to mature, delicate, or sensitive skin. Smooth skin will help your makeup look more natural and dewy.

•The same expectation with your hair.  The last thing you want on your wedding day is frizzy, brittle, discoloured hair because you thought you’d try out a new product on the day of your wedding. This is an important step- even if you’re having professionally done- because you’ll most likely need touch ups throughout the day. Enjoy an afternoon in salon treating yourself with a signature daviness PAK hair treatment. We recommend a series of at leat three treatments before the wedding to encourage hair growth and hydration.

2 Months

• Continue hydrating those locks, with regular deep conditioning treatments. A Skon Booster facial to help maintain hydration levels.

1 Month

• We recommend at this stage to get your hair cut and coloured, so that the ends can grow out slightly and sit naturally when we style on the wedding day.
• We also recommend having one last consultation with us reading both hair and makeup styles. Its very common for brides to want to change something slightly on the day. You may have seen a style a week or so after you had your trial and want to incorporate something from that. Its really important that we know before your wedding rather trying to just the styles on the day.

2 Weeks
• If your hair grows relatively fast, you might like to consider having your regrowth coloured again. We want your hair looking as fresh and as healthy as it can.

The Big Day

• Today is your day to sit back and relax and let us take care of you. We have been with you throughout your entire bridal journey its such an emotional day when everything we have worked with you on finally comes together. We want you to take a look at how fabulous you are in the mirror, walk down the aisle, and watch your groom’s jaw drop when he sees you for the first time.
Thank you Thank you Thank you for choosing Chique Hair Face Body. We loved every minute of it.

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